Five-panel Cap (or camp cap)

Different Types Of Caps | A Visual Guide

Caps aren’t just accessories; they’re statements waiting to be made. In this visual guide, we unravel the world of caps, from the timeless Baseball Cap to the quirky Dunce Cap. Join us as we showcase the history, charm, and versatility that make each cap style a canvas for self-expression and fashion-forward flair. Heres our visual guide to Different Types Of Caps.

Baseball Cap:

Baseball Cap

The iconic Baseball Cap, originating in the 19th century, is a symbol of sports and leisure.

Its rounded crown and visor provide sun protection, making it a favorite on and off the field. With its timeless design, the Baseball Cap’s popularity continues to soar, effortlessly blending fashion and function. Click here to design your own.

Snapback Cap:

Snapback Cap

Introduced in the 1950s, the Snapback Cap is defined by its adjustable snap closure at the back. This versatile cap regained popularity in the 2010s, becoming a streetwear staple. Its customizable fit and flat visor make it a canvas for various designs, reflecting individual style. Click here to design your own.

Dad Cap:

Dad Cap

Once considered uncool, the Dad Cap’s unstructured silhouette and curved visor have made a nostalgic comeback.

Originally a normcore fashion, it’s now embraced by trendsetters for its comfortable fit and understated charm. Its resurgence in recent years showcases fashion’s penchant for irony and nostalgia. Click here to design your own.

Trucker Cap:

Trucker Cap

Born in the 1960s, the Trucker Cap’s mesh panels and snap closure were designed for breathability and a relaxed fit.

It started as promotional merchandise and evolved into a fashion statement, blending urban and rural aesthetics. Its enduring popularity rests on its distinctive style and utility. Click here to design your own.

Fitted Cap:

Fitted Cap

The Fitted Cap, debuted in the 1950s, boasts a snug fit due to its lack of an adjustable strap.

Popularized by baseball players, this cap offers a clean, polished look. It has remained a classic, prized by sports enthusiasts and streetwear aficionados for its minimalist yet bold appeal. Click here to design your own.

Flexfit Cap:

Flexfit Cap

The Flexfit Cap, innovated in the 1990s, incorporates elastic materials for a snug, comfortable fit without an adjustable strap.

Its sleek design caters to modern tastes, favored by those seeking a streamlined appearance. This cap’s fusion of technology and fashion has earned it a steady following.

Distressed or “Destructed” Cap:

Distressed or "Destructed" Cap

The Distressed Cap takes on a vintage, lived-in look through intentional wear and tear.

Emerging in the 1990s grunge era, it effortlessly channels an edgy vibe. Today, its authentic, weathered charm resonates with fashion-forward individuals who appreciate its rugged, rebellious spirit.

Five-panel Cap (or camp cap):

Five-panel Cap (or camp cap)

Originating from outdoor activities, the Five-panel Cap showcases a unique construction with five fabric panels.

It found its way into street fashion with a minimalist aesthetic that lets bold designs shine. As streetwear surged, so did the Five-panel’s appeal, captivating the youth with its casual yet stylish aura. Click here to design your own.

Six-panel Cap:

Six-panel Cap

The Six-panel Cap boasts a standard design that merges fashion and utility. Evolving from athletic headwear, it’s characterized by six sewn-together panels and a curved visor. Its versatile canvas appeals to various styles, ensuring its enduring presence in casual and sports fashion.

Runner’s Cap (or Performance Cap):

Runner's Cap (or Performance Cap)

Designed for active lifestyles, the Runner’s Cap blends lightweight materials with moisture-wicking technology. Its breathable construction and sweat-wicking abilities cater to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. As health and wellness gain prominence, this cap’s popularity continues to rise.

Strapback Cap:

Strapback Cap

A hybrid of the snapback and fitted cap, the Strapback Cap offers a customizable fit through a strap closure. Introduced in the 1990s skate culture, it found favor among those valuing both style and comfort. Its adaptability and diverse designs maintain its relevance across fashion scenes. Click here to design your own.

Military Cap (or Cadet Cap):

Military Cap (or Cadet Cap)

Inspired by military headgear, the Military Cap exudes utilitarian charm. Its structured silhouette, short brim, and button detail have made it a fashion-forward accessory. Rising from counterculture movements, its fusion of rebellion and discipline keeps it on-trend in contemporary urban wear.

Beanie Cap (or Toque):

Beanie Cap (or Toque)

The Beanie Cap, tracing back centuries, is a winter essential. This close-fitting hat’s warmth and versatility have transformed it from workwear to a staple in street style. Its ability to seamlessly blend with various outfits has solidified its position in fashion’s cold-weather repertoire.

Beret Cap:

Beret Cap

The Beret Cap has symbolized artistic flair for decades. Its origins in Europe transcend to modern times, adorning the heads of creatives and trendsetters. With cultural references from literature to music, this cap’s timeless elegance and distinct shape continue to capture imaginations.

Newsboy Cap (or Baker Boy Cap):

Newsboy Cap (or Baker Boy Cap)

Reviving 19th-century working-class style, the Newsboy Cap features a round crown and a button-top detail. Initially a symbol of labor, it was embraced by fashion icons and evolved into a symbol of vintage charm. Its fusion of retro and contemporary aesthetics ensures its ongoing relevance.

Flat Cap (or Ivy Cap):

Flat Cap (or Ivy Cap)

The Flat Cap’s history reaches back to English countrysides and Irish pubs. Evolving from a working-class accessory to a sophisticated statement, its low-profile design and sleek construction have gained favor among intellectuals and fashion enthusiasts. Its cross-generational appeal showcases its adaptability. Click here to design your own.

Captain’s Cap:

Captains Cap

The Captain’s Cap draws inspiration from maritime tradition. Often associated with naval uniforms, its front brim and insignia detail lend an air of authority. As nostalgia-driven fashion cycles continue, this cap occasionally resurfaces, adding a touch of nautical elegance to modern wardrobes.

Bucket Cap:

Bucket Cap

Born in the 1960s as a fisherman’s essential, the Bucket Cap transcended its origins to become a casual fashion statement. Its downward-sloping brim and relaxed fit capture a carefree spirit. Revived by streetwear aficionados, it now blends retro and contemporary vibes with ease. Click here to design your own.

Kufi Cap:

Kufi Cap

The Kufi Cap is rooted in Islamic tradition, symbolizing spirituality and humility. Worn across cultures, its close-fitting, brimless design promotes reflection. As cultural diversity gains prominence, the Kufi Cap’s meaningful aesthetics find appreciation beyond religious contexts.

Garrison Cap (or Side Cap or Flight Cap):

Garrison Cap (or Side Cap or Flight Cap)

Originating from military uniforms, the Garrison Cap’s fold-down design and rigid structure project a polished appearance. Its history in service attire has translated into various fashion subcultures. Although less common today, it still captures the essence of disciplined style.

Patrol Cap:

Patrol Cap

The Patrol Cap’s heritage lies in military wear, featuring a practical design with a straight, flat brim. Often linked to utilitarian fashion, its no-frills aesthetic has sparked interest in minimalist circles. As simplicity and functionality remain valued, this cap retains a niche following.

Dunce Cap:

Dunce Cap

The Dunce Cap’s origins as a symbol of punishment have evolved into a quirky fashion statement. Occasionally referenced for its whimsy, its cone shape and playful undertones make it an occasional accessory in themed events or artistic photoshoots.



The Skullcap, deeply rooted in religious and cultural traditions, has diverse meanings worldwide. Its snug fit and minimalistic design have expanded its use to modern fashion. From modest headwear to stylish accessory, its evolution mirrors changing perceptions of spirituality and identity.

Pillbox Cap:

Pillbox Cap

A mid-20th-century icon, the Pillbox Cap boasts a round, flat shape often adorned with embellishments. Popularized by Jackie Kennedy, its elegant and structured design remains timeless. Despite its vintage origins, it periodically resurfaces as a symbol of refined sophistication. Click here to design your own.




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Different Types Of Caps | A Visual Guide

Caps aren’t just accessories; they’re statements waiting to be made. In this visual guide, we…

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