Custom Neck Gaiters

Make your own custom neck gaiters and fully customize every element to make it your own.

A neck gaiter is a versatile tube-shaped garment that can be worn in a variety of ways to protect your neck and face from the elements. It can be used as a scarf, headband, balaclava, or face mask. Neck gaiters are typically made of a soft, breathable material, such as fleece or polyester. They are often used for sun protection, cold weather protection, or to keep dust out of the face.

Neck gaiters originated in the military, where they were used to protect soldiers from the cold and wind. They quickly became popular with hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for their versatility and comfort. In recent years, neck gaiters have also become popular as a fashion accessory.

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Worldwide shipping

Low prices

premium quality

premium service

  • 100% cotton, 100% acrylic, 30% wool 70% acrylic, 100% wool
  • All available stock colors and custom dye options
  • Size is 55 cm, 56cm, 57 cm ,58 cm, 59cm , 60cm + kids
  • Custom embroidery, print & enclosure options listed
  • Custom tags & packaging available upon request
  1. Send detailed enquiry or use our custom hat builder tool to request a
  2. Request & approve
  3. Pay deposit and place bulk
  4. Ship by air (7-10 days) or sea (30-45 days)

Custom hat sizing chart.


100% cotton

100% polyester

Polyester mesh

Sandwich Visor

Classic Visor

Sandwich Print Visor

Pattern Visor

Lip Visor

Side Velcro






Leather Clip




Elastic Band

Available embellishment options:


Flat embroidery

3D embroidery

Flat & 3D embroidery

Gradient embroidery

Extended embroidery

Metallic embroidery


Screen printing

Sublimation printing


Embroidery patch

Felt Patch

Leather patch

Pvc patch

Woven Labels

Eyelets & buttons

Metal eyelets

Matching thread eyelets

Contrast thread eyelets

Matching button

Contrast button

Printed fabric button

Sweat bands & taping

Classic sweat band

Printed sweat band

Flexible sweatband

Matched tone taping

Contrast taping

Printed taping

Labels & accessories

Woven label

Printed satin label

Hang tag


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